When you think about Lodging Tips for the Round Top Antiques Show, let’s set the scene: the Roundtopolis™ sits at the intersection of country and city, so the vibe is sophisticated comfort or casual chic…depending on who’s describing it.  When you pair those influences with the great, one-of-a-kind shopping at the Round Top Antiques Show and the creative spirits who call this area home, the result is a myriad of lodging options that are destinations in and of themselves.

Round Top Lodging

How to Find Antiques Show Lodging in the Roundtopolis ™
With thousands of shoppers visiting the Round Top area, local lodging is a hot commodity. 

The Round Top Chamber of Commerce has a request-for-lodging service for its members. Lodging businesses will contact the requester directly if they have availability.

Other good info sources are the Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce, the La Grange Chamber of Commerce, and the Carmine Economic Development Corp.  More nearby options include Brenham, Giddings  and Columbus (www.columbustexas.org), which have hotels as well as inns, lodges and B&Bs.

See Round Top Lodging partners here.

Get the Lay of the Land
You will need to to drive. The main shopping corridor stretches from U.S. Highway 290 on the north along Texas Highway 237 for about 20 miles ending near Rutersville on Texas Highway 71, north of La Grange on the south. 

When it comes to Round Top Lodging, Don’t Let the Name Confuse You

The show spills into surrounding communities including Warrenton, Burton, Carmine, Fayetteville and Kenney. 
You won’t know when you leave Burton and enter Carmine or when Round Top becomes Warrenton. The town names used on the map coincide with U.S. Postal Service zip code areas—and should help on GPS—but not always. Thus, when you search for lodging, know there are many options in those communities as well as Ledbetter, Waldeck, Greenvine, New Ulm, Cat Spring, Bellville, Schulenburg… pick up the phone and call!