Once again, Texas junk is headed to the TV screen. From HGTV to now QVC, Round Top-based Junk Gypsy sisters Amie and Jolie Sikes are taking junk and transforming it into a television empire. Their newest’s project — a collection with shopping network QVC — launches this Thursday, May 27 at 6 pm central.

Going live on Instagram from their Junk Gypsy Company’s Round Top headquarters, Amie and Jolie Sikes spoke with Sandra Bennett of QVC to reveal the upcoming launch. There were also special sneak peeks at some of the new items, including a redesign of the famous Cabbage Patch Donkey on an embroidered throw pillow. Plus, winged bookends, corbel shelves and benches.

“Our maiden voyage with QVC is inspired by the things that we love and that we feel add character to a home,” the Sikes sisters wrote in email, responding to RoundTop.com’s questions. “We love decor that tells a story and is, most importantly, fun.”

Never abandoning their roots, the Texas sisters are making the flea market accessible to everyone.

“Our true love is the flea market— salvage items that have character and soul,” they note. “Not everyone can get to the flea market. So this initial launch is made complete with basic pieces to either add to your current decor or to begin building an aesthetic that has that vintage-inspired feel.”

With the popularity of thrifting and visiting flea markets on the rise, it can be more difficult to find great pieces. That’s where the Junk Gypsy collection aims to come in.

“Many vintage pieces are becoming somewhat of an endangered species (not to mention the lead-based paint),” the Sikes continue. “So we took some of our faves, the classics — corbels, chippy peel-y salvage wood, etc . . . and built upon these pieces to create basic shelves, bookends and wall hooks.”

With 16 items in the new collection, it can be hard to narrow down a favorite, but a piece that is close to both sisters’ heart is the vintage-inspired metal tray set. It is modeled after the old metal TV trays of the 1950s and 1960s.

“We always scoop these up at the flea because the new ones aren’t to our liking,” the Sikes sisters email. “Our version is supersized, a set of four, with JG art and a stand to store them on. So retro and so useful.”

Round Top’s TV Moment

The Junk Gypsy x QVC collection is launching from the Junk Gypsy Company headquarters, bringing Round Top right to TV viewers.

“Since most of QVC is still locked down, we will be broadcasting from here in little old Round Top,” the sisters note. “… We transformed a corner of our store into a mini-set for the launch . . . We incorporated all of the pieces in a living space that might be the way you envision it in your own home.”

Junk Gypsy sisters Amie and Jolie Sikes are having another TV moment.
Junk Gypsy sisters Amie and Jolie Sikes are teaming up with shopping giant QVC.

Teaming up with QVC is a major achievement for the Sikes sisters, opening up their whimsical eye to a much wider audience.

“QVC has given us the opportunity to take the OG pieces and things that we love from the flea market and re-envision them as home decor for everyone,” the sisters detail.

“It means so much to us to have everyone cheering us on. We’re also proud to collab with a company that has been such a strong supporter of small businesses and women-owned businesses for so many years.”

You can catch Junk Gypsy’s launch on QVC this Thursday at 6 pm. QVC.com is also offering a preview of the collection.