A group of world class poets descended on Round Top’s Festival Hill Institute for a weekend of poetry readings, workshops and fellowship during the 21st Annual Poetry At Round Top event.

Festival Hill’s gorgeous gardens and stunning architecture set against the backdrop of the central Texas countryside combined to create an inspirational setting for artists of all kinds at this poetry fest. Nature put on quite a show for the gathering with blooming roses, butterflies and birds playing muse to the aspiring poets who attended the magical weekend.

Award winning poets Camille Dungy, Victoria Chang, Pamela Uschuk, David Meischen, Lauren Camp and Cyrus Cassels were on hand to lead the event, as well as Pushcart Prize winner Mary Szybist and Pulitzer Prize long lister Kevin Prufer. Daniel Meyers was also brought in to showcase works written by his late father and renowned poet Bert Meyers.

Other lauded poets — including Sasha West, Octavio Quintanilla and Laura Van Prooyen — held workshops for festival goers amid book sales and signings, and scheduled and impromptu poetry readings inside Festival Hill’s historic buildings and under the property’s sprawling oak trees. 

One of the highlights of the poetry fest was a seated dinner in the Menke House, followed by a silent auction in the concert hall. A garden party and an open mic poetry reading inside Festival Hill’s secret poet’s lounge were also among the special moments shared by the group.

Round Top Festival Institute Founder James Dick in front of Festival Hill’s main auditorium (Photo by Amber Bartek)

“Festival Hill is embodying all of the arts — music is its genesis,” Festival Hill founder James Dick says of the event. “Nature, poetry, the arts are all part of what one sees when they visit here.” 

You can register for the 22nd Poetry at Round Top festival, donate to support the foundation and learn more here