Imagine you had a Fairy Godmother and with the stroke of her wand she made all your design dreams come true. Moderno Porcelain Works not only makes that happen, but they are also changing the industry altogether with the endless possibilities of porcelain.

Large format porcelain stoneware, also known as Neolith™ and Dekton™, has been popular in Europe for many years. However, many people in the U.S. still think of it as small square tiles – but today’s reiteration comes in slabs that are 5×10 feet. Technology has seen major advancements which now allows the quality of the material to precisely emulate nearly any natural stone, metal, concrete, or even fabric creating a porcelain wallpaper that can be used virtually everywhere. What was once impossible– is now possible with porcelain.

Houston Oaks Residence fabrication and installation by  Moderno Porcelain Works

With porcelain you can have that exact design you want without the limitations, maintenance, and in some cases, the cost of other materials. Quartz falls short on imitating natural stones and discolors over time; granite is too heavy for ceiling applications; and the maintenance of marble limits its applications. Porcelain solves all these issues.

The Parker fabrication and installation by  Moderno Porcelain Works

Porcelain’s versatility coupled with its size allows for large surfaces to be covered without seams. Because of the advanced technology in manufacturing porcelain, vein-matching, book-matching and large continuation of patterns can be easily produced without excessive waste of materials. Gone are the days of grout lines and unsightly countertop seams. Shower walls can be solid slabs, as well as fireplaces, countertops, and even walls and ceilings. With slabs typically only a ¼ inch, designers are now able to achieve nearly any design they can dream. What was once unattainable due to expense and waste of stone, is now possible with large format porcelain.

Porcelain will not only change our design trends, but how we live. Unlike natural stone, it is non-porous and can be cleaned with stringent disinfectants giving peace of mind to its users that the surface is safe and clean. In a post-pandemic world, people are going to demand that common touch points and surfaces are easily sanitized in public spaces and in their homes.

Solaya Spa fabrication and installation by  Moderno Porcelain Works

Its applications are endless in that it is scratch and stain resistant, as well a heat and UV resistant. Induction cooktops can be installed into the surface without the worry of little hands getting burned. The surface never gets hot, it remains cool to the touch while the heat is transferred to the pan, not the
surface. Porcelain will not only change our design trends, but how we live.

Made from entirely natural, recyclable products, porcelain’s other advantage is that it has no impact on our environment. In a global community becoming more and more aware of the need to preserve our
natural resources. Unlike the enormous quarries for natural stones, porcelain does not deplete or destroy Earth’s natural resources. Most of the porcelain installed by Moderno is made in the U.S., does not contain silica, and is LEED certified. Think of it as Mother Nature’s new favorite child.

Stable Crest Drive Residence fabrication and installation by  Moderno Porcelain Works

The biggest barrier for designers using porcelain has been the fabrication and installation of the material. Moderno Porcelain Works is exclusively dedicated to the fabrication and installation of large format porcelain slabs. Developing a proprietary installation method, Moderno is able to eliminate the common problems general contractors and builders have with installation opening up endless possibilities for design – and budget.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Moderno is the only company in North America to be 100 percent dedicated to porcelain. Founded by industry pioneer and former CEO of Cosentino USA, Roberto Contreras, the executive team is made up of the “best of the best” in the surfacing industry, including
COO Mike Heylmun, CFO Doug Dillard, Chief Product Officer Ben Szell, and EVP of Procurement and Development Armin Deutsch.

The Parker fabrication and installation by  Moderno Porcelain Works

All of the installers are employed by Moderno, e-verified, insured, and undergo rigorous in-house training. Because of this hyper-focus on the advancements of the material and the fabrication and installation technology, our craftsmen have perfected the art of blending impeccable design and durable beauty in a fraction of the time and cost.

Moderno Porcelain Works currently has state-of-the-art showrooms and fabrication centers in Houston, and Central Texas serving the Hill Country region, with Dallas opening soon. Additional locations include South Florida, Orlando, Minneapolis, MN, Madison Wisconsin, San Diego and Atlanta, GA.

In a world where everything that is bigger is better, porcelain is literally the next big thing.

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