Here’s another installment in our Things to Do feature on Roundtopolis communities… This time we’re sharing Things to do in Giddings.Things to do in Giddings

Order in the court

Take in the grandeur of the region’s historic courthouses beginning with Lee County, where the courthouse was built in 1898. As it was being restored in 2004, a colorfully painted interior was discovered, including a “stars and bars” motif used throughout the building, reflecting patterns and colors important to the Wends.

Cowboy up

The Lee County Sheriff’s Posse Arena is the site for all things authentically rodeo including the town’s annual professional rodeo in May as well as other events ranging from bull riding to youth competitions.

Get sauced

Go to City Meat Market and eat Gerald Birkelbach’s brisket and pork ribs the way God intended—off of butcher paper with a side of white bread. Sauce is optional. Napkins are necessary, but also optional because you’ll want to lick your fingers.

Wend around to Serbin

In 1854, a congregation of 500-plus Wends immigrated on a chartered sailing ship, the Ben Nevis. This group founded a new homeland on 4,254 acres in present-day Lee County and named their new town Serbin. Today, the Texas Wendish Heritage Museum preserves the history of these people from Lusatia in eastern Germany. The museum is near the St. Paul Lutheran Church, built in 1871, and one of the area’s famed painted churches.

Giddy-up and go

Fireman’s Park in Giddings has a 1915 Parker model all-horse carousel that’s owned by the Giddings Fire Department. The carousel became a permanent fixture in Giddings around 1920 when a traveling carnival couldn’t pay its bills. As the story goes, carnival officials left the carousel as collateral—and never came back to get it. The carousel is open for riding only twice a year: the third weekend of May and July 4.

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