Round Top shop owners and antiques show vendors offer a diverse array of goods and products that are inherently beautiful and interesting and destined for social media. 

Many small businesses are using this unique time to enhance marketing, connect with audiences, and build stronger relationships to set up for success when we all get back to normal. Now is a great time to dive in! 

Working with Pigtail Media, a social media consultant with clients in the hospitality industry, we’ve pulled together seven Round Top social media tips aimed at helping attract followers and buyers. These tips are focused for Instagram.

Round Top Social Media Tips

  1. Words matter. Every word and emoji can change the way someone feels about your post. Be strategic in what you say and how you say it. Remember, the first 5 words are the most important to draw someone in. Don’t be afraid to include longer posts, though! It gives your audience a chance to get to know you! 
  2. Use hashtags. The beauty of Instagram is that you can search by terms. This helps people find you! See our fave Round Top hashtags below.
  3. When taking a photo, focus on one object. If you want to promote a certain item, make sure it’s front and center. Don’t be surprised, though, if someone falls in love with something in the background.
  4. Want engagement? Be engaged. Set aside a couple of 20-minute spaces in your day a couple of times per week to search your favorite ‘grammers and hashtags and comment on other posts.
  5. Who are you? Studies show time and again that Instagram posts with people in them get more engagement. Get in the photos – or have others in your photos.
  6. Use Instagram Stories. It’s a great way to introduce yourself and your business – and because they disappear in 24 hours, you can worry less about perfection. Have fun and get creative . As you gain followers, it’s okay to remind people who you are and what you do.
  7. Be consistent. Don’t go weeks between posts. Consider using a post scheduling platform. I use Buffer for the posts on @goingtoroundtop.

Round Top Social Media Tips for Beginners

Brand new to Instagram and not sure how to get started? Here are four easy steps: 

  1. Create an account at and write a short bio that showcases your business. Be sure to include your website and your location (if applicable).
  2. Watch what others are doing for a bit before diving in. 
  3. Once you’re ready to dip your toes in, post about 5-10 posts before adding followers. Once you start adding people, they will return to your page to see “what you’re all about.” If there is no content, they are less likely to follow you back. 
  4. Once you have completed steps 1-3, start following people and asking people to follow you! Have fun and be social. 

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