The Round Top Q&A 2020 version has a few twists and turns. If you want to read what others asked in the past, check out this page.

When are y’all going to open?

I assume the question is about the next antiques show (and not about state guidelines for business openings.) The fall show is set for Sept. 17-Oct. 4. As a reminder not all venues open nor close as the same time. Stay tuned to the schedules for the individual shows on this page. Round Top is open now — observing the appropriate guidelines established by the state. Many stores are only open Thursday through Sunday. Call ahead.

Why don’t you write about vendors and dealers more often? Why don’t you list all of the dealers?

That’s a great suggestion. There are several thousand dealers who set up during the show. Thus, writing about each one would be a daunting task. If any of you are dealers and are interested in sponsored articles, give me a shout.

As far as listing the dealers, that’s a big hill to climb. There is no central organization overseeing the show. So no central information spot to gather that information. We offer a downloadable list all of the dealers who advertise in the Round Top Antiques Show Guide.

I need more info on hotels/motels. I need to get reservations. Several questions along these lines.

We have a dedicated page, which is very well read, for our lodging partners. The Round Top area chamber has a way to reach out to all their lodging members. My observation is that it is fairly easy to get lodging the first weekend and the first full week. But it’s more difficult the second weekend and the final week of the show is generally booked in advance. It is never too soon to make a reservation. Round Top, Carmine, Fayetteville, La Grange, Giddings, Brenham, Columbus, Schulenburg, Flatonia, Smithville all have options.

How do I get a deal?

Hmmm… respected dealers over and over say they are always happy to work with buyers. As experts, they know what things are worth. My advice: ask politely if they have a better price, don’t badger, and don’t take up a bunch of time if you’re really just testing the waters. The Round Top show is the free market at its best. There is something for every price range. Will you get a Van Gogh for $100, not likely…but you might find a one-of-a-kind piece of Texas furniture that you can’t live without. Or learn the difference between cutting boards and bread boards. I wish I’d taped that explanation from David Parnell.

We want to find real antiques. Where should we go?

Best advice is to order a Round Top Antiques Show Guide prior to coming and study the ads, refer to those venues’ websites and familiarize yourself with the products they offer — and prioritize. Or download the app.  Or pick up a copy once you get to the area. The magazines will be out the first of September (or March for the spring show.) Most venues and fields have antiques. There are some venues/dealers that specialize in new and reproductions.

You need a section for comments.

Please feel free to respond to any of the e-newsletters or drop me a line at [email protected]. After 20 years in corporate communications I’ve gotten accustomed to receiving a bunch of emails and I answer pretty quickly.

Round Top needs trams and golf carts.

Again, I assume this is a suggestion for the show. I’m betting trams are out of the question, but it sure would be fun to go down the hill from Round Top Road to the Junk Gypsies, wouldn’t it? As far as golf carts, there are some areas that make sense. Golf carts are generally available at Marburger Farm Antique Show. I see them and utility vehicles and scooters in the Warrenton area. Those fields are largely contiguous, but there are laws about these vehicles on state highways and roads… so you’re likely to be using them on the east side. There is really no other part of the show where smaller carts make sense…. you have to be prepared to park and walk and then move on to the next on your list.

Round Top needs an online auction.

I know many dealers who have stepped up efforts to show their goods on Instagram and Facebook. The Junk Gypsies have done virtual flea markets. But this was a good suggestion to throw out there. I love auctions, but I was raised going to the cattle sale barn in Breckenridge. My daddy told me I talked with my hands too much and I would end up buying something…so I usually sit on my hands even today.

You need to include more pictures in your newsletter.

This is a hard one. The e-newsletter experts say readership often goes down if there are too many graphics/photos in a newsletter since not everyone’s computer or phone or tablet downloads at the same speed. That’s why I try to link to articles where there are good photos. I will do some test newsletters with more photos to see if it bogs down emailboxes.

Cat Spring is a nice place. Do a story there.

Cat Spring is a nice place… I’ll put it on the list.

We need a better calendar, need to know what’s going on each week/weekend.

I hear you. The first Monday of the month is dedicated to sharing info on events occurring that month. I figure that local readers have access to bulletin boards and the local newspapers for local events — so I try to focus on events that might be interesting for people who would drive from Austin or somewhere. That said, it’s a daunting task to wrangle this information. I’m the first to admit I miss things. My suggestion is to head to the chamber websites first.

Where should I eat during the show?

I do a specific newsletter on eating during the show — during the show. Anyone who has attended the show over the past five years will tell you the food options throughout the show have vastly improved. Sometimes, however, these food vendors may just show up almost overnight. So they have to be discovered. I discovered the best banana pudding at The Venue last fall. And my heart was set on one of Christine Buerkle’s banh mi sandwiches at Bader Ranch before the show was canceled. So stay tuned for fall.

What’s happening by Marburger, Mandito’s, by Richard Schmidt Jewelry and across from Junk Gypsy?

Several new projects are underway in the immediate Round Top area. North of The Compound are two new buildings — one for Lori Smithers, who has been a dealer at The Compound, and one for Sergio Ribiero, who previously showed at The Venue and Blue Hills. Both are expected to open this fall. Across from The Compound is the Round Top Ranch. The third of three buildings is nearing completion. Across from Junk Gypsy is The Shops at Round Top, where site work continues. In town, Round Top Brewing Co. will move into that building…and farther north at Round Top Village, three new buildings are nearing completion for retail.