Kori Green lives in Fort Worth, with her country music legend husband Pat Green. Perhaps you’ve heard of him. Along with being the face that Pat looks for in the concert crowd, she’s a mother and an entrepreneur with three budding businesses.

Kori Green is also a Round Top regular.

It all started with her jewelry line dubbed Kori Green Designs ― her eclectic, ever changing collection set with natural stones and fashion forward colors and styles. When Kori Green was finishing up her law degree in Austin at the University of Texas, she began dabbling in jewelry design as a hobby for herself and her friends in 2002.

“I guess I was starved for a creative outlet, after having my nose in the books for so long,” Kori Green tells RoundTop.com.

After moving to Fort Worth, this natural entrepreneur launched Kori Green Designs in 2009. It exploded from there, and has given her more flexibility than a fast-paced law career ever could while raising her family.

Some of Kori Green Designs’ wide ranging and ever changing jewelry line show its scope. (Photo by Courtney Dabney)

“The materials are in limited supply, and they really dictate what I do,” Green says. “I touch every piece personally. I began buying only materials that I liked, and just found the designs flowed naturally from there.”

When she’s not making friends at The Arbors during Round Top antiques shows (the next being the fall show, coming up this October 14 to October 31), you can find Kori Green’s jewelry collection online or at the LOCAL Design Studio on Vickery Boulevard in Fort Worth.

Green launched LOCAL with friends and business partners in 2020. It serves as the headquarters of nine Fort Worth stores: Lila+Hayes, The Bow Next Door, FORT 52, City Boots, CB Furs, Ro Rynd Designs, Kori Green Designs, Clearly Handbags and The Faceted Home. The last three are Kori’s companies.

The World of Kori Green

About four years ago, Green and interior designer Ro Rynd kept hearing the same complaints when they’d go to market in Dallas. Even though many stadiums and concert venues were requiring see-thru handbags, buyers weren’t finding many cute ones on the market.

“I had friends who were taking plastic Ziplock bags into venues with them,” she laughs. “Stores needed fashionable clear bags, and we decided to answer the call with our own line.”

Her country music star husband’s guitar strap gave her the idea for Clearly Handbags, a new line with unique customizable and interchangeable guitar straps to wear as crossbody or shoulder style bags. They have already been tapped to create special strap designs for big names, including Pebble Beach Golf Club and Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Club and Lodge.

Then, in 2020 Green and Rynd went in another new direction. Faceted Home is the duo’s expanding line of cabinetry hardware and pulls. These need to be touched to be appreciated.

“It really feels good in your hand ― they are weighty” Green says. “Faceted Home is where jewelry meets interior design. We showed it for the first time last spring at Round Top. It’s jewelry for your home.”

The Faceted Home line got the attention of the many designers who flock to Round Top during show season for whirlwind buying and inspiration trips. Many of them found just the right projects to utilize the new brand of pulls, and began ordering soon after the show. The eclectic line ranges from nature-inspired to geometric, with natural stones and a variety of metal finishes. Much like Kori Green’s jewelry line.

Last spring, after being hold up for months with no concert dates, Pat Green even took to the stage at The Arbors to entertain the happy hour crowd for an impromptu mini concert in Round Top. Kori Green tells me that her husband won’t be in Round Top this October. His dance card is completely filled for the foreseeable future now that live music concerts are back.

But Kori Green and friends (including City Boots) will be ready to show you all their new designs this fall at Tent B of The Arbors. They’ll be the ladies sipping from their favorite cups which read: “Round Top Is Our Favorite Holiday.” A sentiment that is shared by many who make the trek from not only Fort Worth, but all over Texas each show season.