Karma Living, known for repurposing vintage and antique items into fun, fresh home décor and fashion, invites shoppers to discover one-of-a-kind treasures as a new container of merchandise is delivered to its Blue Hills location on April 1. (The Blue Hills show is open through Saturday.)


“The delivery is timed for ‘Red Monday,’ the day our neighbor the Big Red Barn opens its show,” said owner Leo Kraidelman. “Shoppers will have a chance to experience the excitement inherent in purchasing one-of-a-kind pieces as they are off-loaded from a shipping container.”


The company, based on the East Coast, has made a name for itself by using contemporary applications of time-tested techniques and fabrics to keep traditional handcrafts alive around the globe.


“We take vintage and antique items and repurpose them into contemporary and functional pieces that make our homes into happy places,” said Kraidelman, noting the company focuses on home furnishings but offers a wide variety of merchandise. “Our design background gives us the freedom to investigate and innovate.”


During the Round Top Show, customers can access the full line of products, allowing shoppers to integrate the various pieces into their retail outlets or homes. Karma Living’s products are priced so they are accessible. Plus, customers can enjoy unsurpassed personalized service as they are buying direct.


“We value our customers—and our time at Blue Hills,” Kraidelman said. “In Round Top, we get to see how customers respond to our products, how they mix and match them…and how they smile.”


Karma Living will be at Houston’s Nutcracker Market April 12-16 in Booth # 500.


While Karma Living honors the tradition of handcrafts, the company designs, develops, produces and distributes products instead of serving just as an importer. Today customers can purchase hand-painted furniture, upholstered chairs, rugs, throws, linens and pillows as well as clothing such as embellished velveteen jackets reminiscent of Sargent Pepper, printed cotton tunics, dresses, jackets and personal accessories such as bags. The color palette is bold and the patterns are eye-catching.

 “We go to places where beautiful things are made,” said Kraidelman, a native of Uruguay who began exploring the world and sourcing handcrafts in 1975. “While the entire planet provides inspiration, we routinely draw from countries with strong handcraft traditions such as India, Peru, Mexico, Bali and Uzbekistan.”


Kraidelman identifies relationships as the basis of Karma Living.


“Our artisans are our role models and guides,” Kraidelman said. “As we develop products that support what they do, the artisans produce even more exceptional work.”

Because of Karma Living, the work of many generations lives on.


“There is no telling how many people benefit from collaborating on our products—entire communities gather on our behalf,” Kraidelman said. “With every purchase, our customers help keep beauty and tradition alive.”


Find Karma Living at the Blue Hills Antiques Show.