Katie & Lorie The Publishers

Katie & Lorie: Friends. Writers. Belly laughers. Publishers.

Katie Dickie Stavinoha and Lorie A. Woodward, aka Katie & Lorie, met during a typing test at Texas A&M. They passed, gained admittance to Journalism 203 where they sat next to each other for an entire semester. They’ve been friends ever since. Over the last three decades, their personal and professional lives have crossed and re-crossed. Now, they’ve added partners and entrepreneurs to the long list of shared adventures.

Katie & Lorie The Publishers

As owners and publishers of roundtop.com’s family of magazines, Lorie and Katie seek to celebrate the past and present in this region where city meets country at every intersection. For them, Round Top is more than a cool destination—it’s a destiny, allowing them to combine familyhood, writing, entrepreneurship and laughter. Lots of laughter.

About the Katie & Lorie The Publishers

Katie Dickie StavinohaKatie & Lorie The Publishers Katie

Hometown: Woodson, Texas. (Population 291 in 1980.)
Fun Fact: There were 7 people in her graduating class. Their senior trip was in Hawaii.
Roundtopolis Roots: She married a Bohemian, aka a Czech, in the painted church in Ammannsville (Fayette County), where his people settled in 1870; his great grandfather was born in Moravia, Bohemia, which is now part of the Czech Republic.
Role in the Company: Idea birther. Boundary pusher. Network builder.
Previous Life: Trade associations, politics, public service, author and corporate crisis communication specialist.
Fun Fact II:  She helped lead the boll weevil eradication program that pushed the cotton industry’s historic scourge south of the border.
Family: Husband, Chris. Daughter, Lydia (High School).

Lorie A. WoodwardKatie & Lorie The Publishers Lorie

Hometown: Lexington, Texas. (Population 719 in 1980.)
Fun Fact: Her first boss was Tootsie Tomanetz, legendary pitmaster and First Lady of Texas BBQ.
Roundtopolis Roots: Both sides of her family arrived in Lexington (Lee County) in 1869.
Role in the Company: Word slinger. Tone setter. Detail wrangler.

Previous Life: Trade associations, public information, non-profit management, author and boutique communications firm owner.
Fun Fact II: She’s been published on the opinion page of every major daily newspaper in Texas and Florida under someone else’s name.
Family: Daughter, Kate (College). Son, Will (College).
Katie’s Favorite Saying: “How hard can it be?”
Lorie’s Favorite Response: “Generally harder than we expect.”

Want to hear their Texas accents? Tune into the Million Dollar Decorator.