Round Top Antique Show Info

The Round Top area hosts two big antiques shows annually.

The spring version begins mid-March and runs through the first weekend in April while the fall edition commences mid-September and ends the first weekend in October. 

There is no way you can describe it quickly, but we’ve pulled together a bunch of resources.

Happy hunting:

If you are looking for lodging ideas, we have them as well. Recommendation: start early and recognize that there are many options from RV parks to guesthouses to B&Bs to hotels and motels.

When it comes to shopping, the entire area is a wonderland for shopping. If it’s your first time to attend, expect to be overwhelmed. Twenty-five miles of fields, barns, yards, buildings and acres and acres of tents can leave the uninitiated a little breathless. Read our tips here. Bottomline, don’t try to see it all in one day. If you only have a day to shop, spend some time on social media looking at what others buy/post. That will help you narrow down the fields/venues that may strike your fancy. And talk to people…Round Top shoppers are friendly!

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