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Texas Wildflower Photo Tips

Five of the best Texas Wildflower Photo Tips

Texas Wildflower Photo Tips
Five tips for the best Texas Wildflower photos.

We are lucky to work with two outstanding photographers: Anna Spencer Morse of Grace Photography and Dixie Ray Hamilton of Dixie Ray Photography. With Texas wildflower season approaching, we asked them for their best Texas Wildflower Photo Tips.

Texas Wildflower Photo tips and Anna Morse
Anna Spencer Morse and her family in Texas bluebonnets.
Texas Wildflower Photo Tips Dixie Ray Photography
Dixie Ray Hamilton, far left, in action. Dixie Ray Photography in Texas.

Texas Wildflower Photo Tips

  1. Don’t squat in the bluebonnets. (Or pose properly.) — Dixie
  2. Shoot in the golden hours. (First hour after sunrise/last hour before sunset.) — Anna
  3. Creative angles — don’t be afraid to get really low or step up on something higher to find interesting perspectives. — Anna
  4. Find one perfect bloom and focus on it. — Anna and Dixie
  5. Beware! Always check for fire ants and snakes. — Anna and Dixie

It goes without saying that you should never trespass on private property. If you find outstanding flowers on the roadside, please take care and watch out for others. Many businesses in the Roundtopolis offer spots where you can safely snap photos. Rohan Meadery posted on Facebook that they will have a wildflower field for photos. Consider following them for more details.

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