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Joe Alecci

Bone Spirits: A Distillation Short Course

Distilling spirits is equal parts science and art. Joe Alecci, distiller at Bone Spirits, provides a short course in farm to bottle distilling. Mashing 101 The first step in making any kind of alcohol is to identify a sugar source. Some…

Bone Spirits: A Farm to Bottle Distillery

Bone Spirits, located in Smithville, relies on a bare bones approach to distill locally grown corn and capture its essential, pure flavor in a bottle. “When Jeff Peace, the owner, founded Bone Spirits, his goal was—and is—using local…

Bone Spirits: A Spirited Primer

Vodka, gin and whiskey are defined first by distillation proof and then by production characteristics such as location of production, aging methods and ingredients according to Joe Alecci, lead distiller at Bone Spirits. For the official…