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Sugarlumps Guest House in Brenham

Sugarlumps Guest House in Brenham

Welcome to the Roundtopolis: Ed Fulkerson knows antiques, design and numbers. A CPA by training, he has made a career in luxe, boutique retailing. Business brought him to Brenham in 2006. Fate put him across the street from Louise “Sugar Lump” Klussmann, a local octogenarian force of nature.

Klussmann had an on-going to-do list for Fulkerson, ranging from checking on leaking water faucets and unsticking sagging doors to simply coming in and having a cup of coffee and some fresh-baked cookies. It seemed as if every time Fulkerson pulled into his driveway, Klussmann waved him over.

A friendship blossomed.

The only thing they disagreed about was what Fulkerson should call her. Out of respect, he referred to her as Miss Klussmann. She quickly broke him of that habit by saying, “Honey, you call me Sugar Lump…just Sugar Lump.”

As she got to know the young man, she became convinced that Fulkerson should buy her home. In him, she saw someone who would care for it as she had. Being a force of nature, Sugar Lump got what Sugar Lump wanted. After she died, Fulkerson, in 2008, became the owner of her confection of a house complete with pink drapes and shag carpeting.

Sugarlumps is the name

When he opened the guest house to the public, the only detail that Fulkerson didn’t deliberate over carefully was the name.

“This house was Sugar Lump’s, so Sugarlumps was obviously what it needed to be called,” Fulkerson said. “Her spirit is alive and well.”

Hospitality in a word: “Comfort.”

Not-so secret weapon: “My manager, Debby Welch. My other business interests keep me on the road, but thanks to Debby, I can travel with confidence knowing that our guests—and the property—will be well taken care of.”

Best part of the biz: “The guest house allows people to come and experience Brenham and the surrounding area. Once they come, they’re hooked—and that’s good for the community and the region.”

Check it out: “This area is incredible because there is so much history and so much natural beauty. The history of Texas and its natural attributes collide right here creating a one-of-a-kind place that has to be explored to be appreciated and understood.”

Sugarlumps Guest House
704 Sycamore
Brenham, Texas 77833
Owner: Ed Fulkerson
Manager: Debby Welch
Founded: 2014
Structures: 1
Guest Capacity: 2 queen beds, 2 twin beds and a sleeper sofa. Accommodates 8. Setting: Quaint residential neighborhood just a few blocks from historic downtown Brenham.

Special treatment: A professionally decorated adults-only space that mixes antiques, great linens and top-of-the-line modern touches for an upscale country experience.

Stay takeaway: “I want guests to leave with the positive energy that comes from being in comfortable surroundings—and slowing down enough to enjoy them. Everybody’s batteries need to be recharged occasionally.”

Ed’s top three homegrown hospitality tips: “Comfort. Comfort. And more comfort.”

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