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Chatting with City Farmhouse’s Kim Leggett


Kim David Legget Round Top Texas“There is no comparison to Round Top. None,” said Kim Leggett, owner and designer at City Farmhouse of Franklin, Tenn.

She and David, her husband and business partner, go on “picking” trips that take them across most of the United States. They host and promote three antique shows each year, and they have their own store.

But Round Top is their favorite show for many reasons, not the least of which is Texas hospitality.

“We meet up with friends, hang out, have fabulous dinners,” she said. “And we shop. It’s social—very social.”

The Leggetts happened onto Round Top by accident. In Texas visiting her brother in Katy, the group was combing the countryside and ended up in Carmine.

“I thought it was cute,” she said some 20 years later. “For some reason we came to Round Top and met Bud Royer and were blown away by the quality of food and service (at Royer’s Cafe) in this little place.”

In discussion with Royer, they learned they had missed the latest show—and made immediate plans to come back in the spring, which they have like clockwork since.

“We first were shoppers, then vendors with Emma Lee Turney and then John Sauls at Marburger Farm, and now we’re shoppers again,” Leggett said. “We started out with a truck, then we’d bring a truck and a trailer, then we’d bring a 26-foot truck. Now we fly down, rent a big truck and hope we can fit it all in and drive back.”

The Leggetts have favorite places to shop: Zapp Hall, Bar W, Bill Moore’s, Marburger and Hillcrest.

“There is no other place that we consistently find the style we are looking for,” Leggett said.

Her style is “city farmhouse.” She helps clients and customers bring the farmhouse style to their city homes, condos, town homes and apartments.

Leggett gets really excited about farmhouse tables—one time she took 10 tables home from Round Top. But her favorite Round Top find is not for sale

“It’s a flag—probably from the side of a children’s wagon—it’s faded and just wonderful.”

One More Thing
“Facebook has been life changing for my business. If you’re in this business, you have to be on social media. I find Facebook—and Instagram—allow me to see what others are doing, hear what my customers want.” City Farmhouse has more than 105,000 Facebook followers.

by Katie Dickie Stavinoha


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