Saturday, September 23, 2017

Round Top Register

The Round Top Register chronicles life within the Roundtopolis, a realm that encompasses eight counties and the busy I-10 and Highway 290 corridors connecting Houston with San Antonio and Austin respectively. These eight counties—Fayette, Lee, Bastrop, Austin, Colorado, Lavaca, Burleson and Washington— are the remaining rural stronghold between the sprawling metros.

Here, where traditions meet transitions, Round Top is the self-proclaimed capital.

Map of the Roundtopolis. Capital: Round Top, Texas.
Map of the Roundtopolis. Capital: Round Top, Texas.

Since 1995, the Round Top Register has been the unique voice of the Roundtopolis. The Register is a mercantile of ideas located where country meets city and traditions meet transitions. Friendly as a country store. Comfortable as well-worn jeans. Colorful as grandma’s quilt. The Register celebrates life in the Roundtopolis—and the people lucky enough to live in it.

Because the Register serves a blend of long-time and recent residents as well as visitors, the magazine focuses on lifestyle in its broadest and most inclusive sense. Each quarter, about 17,000 copies are distributed across the Roundtopolis and in Austin and Houston.

The publication is owned by Katie Dickie Stavinoha and Lorie Woodward, who were recently featured in Where Women Create Business. See Where Women Create Business Photo.

Subscriptions available for $30/year 

Round Top Register Subscription


The Round Top Register is printed quarterly as an oversize feature-focused magazine. Publication dates are March 1, June 1, Sept. 1 and Dec. 1. Subscriptions are $30 annually.


Printed quarterly, the Round Top Register is available free on news stands across the Roundtopolis. For those wishing it to come directly to their mailbox on a quarterly basis, subscriptions are $30 annually.


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