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Round Top Fashion Field Report

Round Top Fashion Field Report: Holiday Style

Editor’s Note: ‘Tis the season for gatherings, events and parties. A full social calendar raises the age-old question: “What am I going to wear?” To find the answer, we sent our intrepid fashionista Cammy Jones on a field trip through the Roundtopolis ro round up the Round Top Fashion Field Report. Photos by Anna Spencer Morse, Grace Photography, and Dixie Hamilton, Dixie Ray Photography. Thanks to Leftover’s Antiques for the on-location photos.

Robert Earl Keen sings, “The road goes on forever and the party never ends.” Well, I wouldn’t say the road to Round Top goes on forever exactly, but the style never ends. My friends and I recently had an excellent adventure touring the fashionable and incredibly creative boutiques in the Roundtopolis with stops in La Grange, Round Top and Brenham. We were amazed at the great style notes. Sophisticated cowgirl and rockabilly meets proper black tie—and everything in between.

La Grange
The fun started in La Grange at Flair & Company where our eyes darted from display to display of richly textured jackets and vests—loved the faux fur—to beautifully detailed embroidered tops, dresses and skirts. Flair also has a flair for accessories. You can dress up any outfit with the shop’s simple strings of holiday jewels or go all out with a huge Texas-glam statement necklace. Our festive picks at Flair included red and black embroidery for Christmas Eve; lovely, comfy loungewear for Christmas morning; and lacy goodness for New Year’s Eve.

Anna Spencer Morse
Anne Winkelmann and the Leftover’s Antiques mascot Tucker enjoy a little pre-holiday discussion. Anne is wearing an outfit from Flair & Co. in La Grange. Tash Polizzi Vest- $143, Mountain skirt -Tasha Polizzi- $186, Guardian Angel necklace by Mariana- $56.

Next, we were off to the La Grange square where we were mesmerized by the talents of jeweler Richard Schmidt. Visions of wearing his red coral roses to holiday parties and fantasies about receiving anything from his fabulous collection on Christmas morning captivated us. Stacks of his incredible silver and stone cuffs would top off any of the outfits we put together during our trip. Schmidt is also pairing glowing pearls with leather strings for a wonderful juxtaposition in design. Additionally, the shop is chock full of casually elegant scarves that will spice up any winter coat or jacket.

Round Top
Over in Round Top, those of us who love the onion rings at JW’s Steakhouse way too much and way too often found many great pieces at It Fits. Wonderful sales people showed us the way to a great “snappy casual” look for New Year’s Eve. A lace top paired with faux leather leggings allowed us to rock a very current look in our larger size.

The road goes on to Junk Gypsies where we found the perfect boots to change our holiday looks from dressy to party-ready. Take your time in that great spot because there are tons of goodies for holiday giving and stuffing your stockings.

Bohemian luxury surrounded us at Spellbound Collections. Those seeking a true one-of-a kind look will be enthralled by the luscious mounds of lace, tea-stained linen and vintage glamor. For a causal holiday look, pair jeans or leggings with a dream of dress and piles of jewelry from this great spot. Your admirers will be spellbound!

We ended our quest for the perfect holiday frock appropriately at Leftovers. Leftovers specializes in wonderful European and American antiques and luxury bedding. Sprinkled among the amazing furnishings are exquisite cotton gowns and nightshirts for everyone’s sugar plum evenings. Leftovers also features a killer collection of vintage flannel shirts and cases and cases of exquisite artisan jewelry.

In the antiques world, the Roundtopolis is known for the “thrill of the hunt.” In the fashion world, smart trendsetting boutique owners are thrilling savvy shoppers of every age and attitude with their one-of-a-kind style finds. When fashion reigns as it does here, the road should never end….

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