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Round Top Antiques Show Treasure Guide

We’ve talked to Round Top Antiques Show insiders—vendors, designers, veteran shoppers, and bloggers—and collected their best tips for making your Round Top experience manageable and memorable.

Texas-size treasure hunting lures people to the Round Top Antiques Show. Photo courtesy Marburger Farm Antique Show.

Our panel included:
Paige and Smoot Hull, The Vintage Round Top; Anita Hill, Cedar Hill Farmhouse; Karly Woods, Gypsy Treasures; Susan Franks, Big Red Barn; Joe Pete Forcher, Joe Pete & Co.; Tara Suel, Marburger Farm Antique Show; and
A. Nonymous Insider.

How to find treasures at the Round Top Antiques Show
Educate yourself. Pick an item—bottles to buttons—and collect it, but learn everything you can about it.
Joe Pete – Joe Pete & Co.

Shop early and shop often. Many dealers bring more than will fit in their booths so they can replenish throughout the show.
A. Nonymous Insider

Check out many different venues to find your own personal favorites.
Anita – Cedar Hill Farmhouse

Treasures are everywhere! One big decision is when to buy—it’s the yin and yang of flea market shopping. The positive of vintage markets is there are mainly one-of-a-kinds; the negative is the same. If you decide to wait and go back later to get your treasure, it may be gone. Or you may buy something early and then find something even better down the road. There is no easy answer. Our best advice: buy it if you LOVE it!
Paige and Smoot – The Vintage Round Top

Go slow and spend time in the booths. Ask questions, and visit with dealers. They know a lot about their items and items on the field.
Tara – Marburger Farm

How to prepare for the Round Top Antiques Show
I use my large duffle to carry the “smalls” that I buy along the way. Some people use rolling wire carts, but I find them cumbersome because they’re difficult to maneuver in and out of the booths.
Paige and Smoot – The Vintage Round Top

[pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”]Stock a large duffle bag with: cash, an ATM card, sunglasses, a cell phone/camera (don’t forget the charger), a water bottle, snacks, an emergency rain poncho, sunscreen, a small notebook, a pen and a tape measure. The duffle does double-duty as a treasure hauler. Stash rain boots in the car.
How to transport treasures from the Round Top Antiques Show
I bring my big SUV each time. If something is too large for me to carry to my car immediately, I’ll leave it at the vendor’s location and drive over later to get it.
Anita – Cedar Hill Farmhouse

The fields can be confusing. Gather all of the information necessary to get back to your purchases at the end of the day. I take pictures of pieces I’ve bought and record the item, its location, and the vendor’s name and number in a notebook.
Paige and Smoot – The Vintage Round Top

Distinguished Transport specializes in moving antiques and fine art across the street or across the country.
A. Nonymous Insider

Bring plastic or paint tarps to protect your car’s interior or trunk.
Paige and Smoot – The Vintage Round Top

Navigate the show using our downloadable map.


Bring your open mind and creative juices—they will both get lots of use!”
Charming Lady Designs @ Charming Lady Hat

“Best tip to avoid Warrenton traffic jams…. Use Roznov Road!”
Johnny [email protected]

“Avoid 237 as much as possible. Do Gypsy Prom at least once. JW Steakhouse. Stone Cellar drinks, wine ‘n dance!”
[email protected]

“Bring a six pack.”
Chip [email protected]

“Take lots of cash in small bills for more believable negotiations. It’s rude to haggle down a $20 item to $10 and pull out a $20.”
[email protected]

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