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Round Top Antiques Show Navigation Guide

We’ve talked to Round Top Antiques Show insiders—vendors, designers, veteran shoppers, and bloggers—and collected their best tips for making your Round Top experience manageable and memorable.

Our panel included:
Paige and Smoot Hull, The Vintage Round Top; Anita Joyce, Cedar Hill Farmhouse; Karly Woods, Gypsy Treasures; Susan Franks, Big Red Barn; Joe Pete Forcher, Joe Pete & Co.; Tara Suel, Marburger Farm Antique Show; and A. Nonymous Insider.

How to navigate the Round Top Antiques Show
Get there early—early in the show, early in the week, early in the morning.
Joe Pete – Joe Pete & Co.

Do your research before getting to the show. Know what you’re interested in, or you will get totally overwhelmed. Ask questions and have a good time.

Susan – Big Red Barn

If possible, plan to be at the show at least two or three days. If it’s your first visit, drive to the most distant field and work backwards so you are only dealing with traffic on the return trip. If you have a favorite show, start there to get the best selection before it gets picked over.
Paige and Smoot – The Vintage Round Top

Warrenton is the mecca of junk. Come early. You might not find great deals, but you’re more likely to find great treasures.
Karly – Gypsy Treasures

Find a field and park. Don’t waste time sitting in traffic. Wear comfy shoes because it’s a lot of walking.
Karly – Gypsy Treasures

How to negotiate with Round Top Antiques Show vendors

Ask vendors, “Is this your best price?” And, remember, cash is definitely king.
Anita – Cedar Hill Farmhouse

Round Top tip: While cash is king, it’s not always easy to come by in the fields. With strained wireless service, credit card transactions sometimes can be tricky. Come prepared.

If you’re purchasing a large ticket item or a large amount of “smalls,” you’ll have better luck negotiating.
Paige and Smoot – The Vintage Round Top

It never hurts to ask if it’s the best price, but don’t badger.
Joe Pete – Joe Pete & Co.

The last weekend is a good time for negotiating. Most of the great stuff is gone, but there are a lot of $1 tables, and some people will even offer deep discounts to keep from packing it.
Karly – Gypsy Treasures

Round Top Boots and a Mud Puddle
You will see lots of boots in Round Top…on shopper’s feet as well as for sale.

How to dress
Comfortably, stylish! Texas’ fall and spring temperatures can be brutal, either extremely hot or cold. Wear layers and something to cover your shoulders, even if it’s hot, to avoid sunburn. Bring a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen as well. Wear comfortable shoes. If it’s raining, wear rain boots because the fields get muddy.
Paige and Smoot – The Vintage Round Top


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