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Own a Media Empire They Said

Two years ago on December 10, Katie and I inked the deal that promised us the chance to own a media empire in a town with a population of 90. After we signed papers at Botts Title,  we took a congratulatory selfie with Santa Claus at Henkel Square. We were blissfully naïve.

Own a Media Empire

One of the previous owners told us it took him about 30 hours to put out an issue. The other estimated 7,000 hours. We chose to believe the first one and assumed the Round Top Register would be a happy-dappy, part-time endeavor. (We should have listened to the workhorse.)

We vowed to have fun.Own a Media Empire Lorie Woodward Katie Stavinoha

We had no idea our version of the Register would so quickly grow into a life-consuming, life-affirming celebration of the region and her people.

We’ve been humbled by our Wonder Women, the incredible team of talents who help us make our half-baked ideas reality, and by the positive reaction to our work. Our advertisers and our readers have made us feel like we’re part of this one-of-a-kind place. Believe us, we—more than ever—are committed to the common good. We want the Roundtopolis to thrive.Own a Media Empire The Team Photo by Anna Spence Morse

While it’s tempting to pop the top on a bottle of Prosecco, eat a kolache,  and rest on our laurels, Katie and I like to keep our laurels busy—and busy they will be. In March, we’re launching a second publication, Round Top Texas life & style.

Unlike its older sibling, which is classically country like well-worn boots, life & style will be the equivalent of a good, black pencil skirt: sleek, polished and perfectly at home in the big city. In fact, it will be direct mailed in the spring and the fall to targeted addresses in Austin, Houston, San Antonio, DFW and Louisiana. (Our surveys tell us that the Cajuns are already attending the antiques shows in high numbers.)

The content will be the mix of people, places and things including antiques and vintage goods that you’ve come to expect from us. Quality matters. This baby will pop.

We’re excited to offer two complementary pieces. The Register welcomes people when they get here. life & style rolls the red carpet right to their doorsteps and invites them to come on out—and stay awhile.

In case you can’t tell, we’re a tad excited. If you want to be part of the buzz, we’re offering $12 inaugural subscriptions.Own a Media Empire New Magazine Round Top Texas life & style launches in 2017

We hope you’ll join us on our newest adventure. As always, we’re not sure where we’re going, but we’re going to have fun. Thanks for coming along for the ride.


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