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Las Vegas Here We Come

In-the-know people know the Round Top experience is built on trendsetting vintage style and relationships.

Round Top Register Lorie and Katie
Head west with Katie & Lorie as they work with Las Vegas Market. Attend their panel discussion; “Feels Like a Vintage Home” on Aug. 1.

While we both have well-loved, one-of-a-kind pieces that we’ve discovered somewhere along the 20+ miles of premium shopping that is Round Top, we’re actually story collectors. So if we’re really honest, our very favorite thing about the world-famous, bi-annual Round Top Antiques Show (besides fried pies and pimento cheese sandwiches) is meeting interesting people. Every time we strike up a conversation with someone at a shared picnic table or while we’re standing in line (for fried pies, pimento cheese sandwiches or the best banh mi this side of Hanoi), we collect another great story and make a new friend—or 17.

A few years ago at a post-shopping day cocktail party where there were no lines, we met Pam Williams and Esther Anto with International Market Center which puts on the twice-yearly markets in Las Vegas and High Point, NC. In Las Vegas, Pam—with help from Arbor Antiques’ Curtis Ann and Dave Davis—has developed Discoveries, which offers the trade a vintage, repurposed, recycled antiques shopping extravaganza in a huge white tent. (See our Facebook video interviews from last year.)

One thing led to another and we are honored to be attending the summer 2017 edition as guests of Las Vegas Market. We will serve as moderators of a panel called: “Feels Like a Vintage Home: Designing for a Lifestyle.” During the hour-long session, which will be held Aug. 1 beginning at 2:30 p.m. in the Pavilion Seminar Room, we’ll pick the creative brains of trendsetters who have launched their own brands based on their singular taste, style and, of course, entrepreneurial drive.

We’ll be joined by Paige and Smoot Hull of The Vintage Round Top, and Tikaa Cone of Totally Tikaa, along with Courtney of The French Country Cottage.

The Hulls, have a Round Top guest house and event center that began as a “sea of neglected sheetrock.” Together they transformed the original house into a sought after space that has graced the pages of numerous magazines and formed the basis of a line of products targeted to boutique hotels. Tikaa, who lives in Brenham, Texas, population 15,000, recently designed a line of accent plates for Lenox. Her combined passions of “Shark Week,” tablescapes and Instagram caught the attention of the entertaining and dinnerware giant. Courtney, who started blogging as a creative outlet while she was the primary caretaker for her ailing grandmother, says: “My style is a little bit shabby and French country with a touch of cottage mixed in.” Her signature look juxtaposes elegance and rusticity.

Following the panel, follow us on a tour of Discoveries. We’re going out a few days early to scour the aisles — and we’re going to take over Las Vegas Market’s Instagram page. So you can see what strikes our fancy.

The event is open to the trade. If you’re in town, we’d love to meet you. Click for more info.

Now, we need to go find shoes that will allow us to cover the MILLIONS of square feet that is Las Vegas Market.

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