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Hitting the High Points

Select Advertisers Showcase Fall 2018

We asked our advertisers to hit the high points, so we could create this select advertisers showcase….They’ve all got so much to see and do that an encyclopedia (remember those?) wouldn’t hold it all. The information nuggets are arranged in the order you would encounter these venues and dealers if you start north in Carmine and drive toward La Grange on State Highway 237.

Karma Living @ Blue Hills
What to expect: Bright colors, touchable textures, eye-catching patterns all coming together to create the happiest place on earth…
What’s in store: Home decor, clothing and personal items.
Don’t miss: Second location at Zapp Hall in Warrenton.

McLaren’s Antiques & Interiors
Round Top
What to expect: An enormous selection of accessories, antiques, industrial and architectural interiors from all over the world hand-picked by owner Sean McLaren.
Don’t miss: Riding double-decker London bus as it runs a route between venues AND enjoying lunch or afternoon tea on the London Bus Cafe at the store.
Can’t miss: Double-decker London buses, red British phone booths and the airplane “crashed” in the hill.

Leftovers Antiques @ Market Hill
Round Top
What to expect:  According to customers, “To be inspired….”
Don’t miss: The bi-annual Leftovers Jazz Party at the flagship Brenham store on 9/29.
What’s new: The displays @ Market Hill—new from top to bottom…every show!

Round Top Vintage Market
Round Top
Don’t forget: Happy Hour Shopping 3 p.m. – 6 p.m. on Wednesdays 9/26 & 10/3 — and tell them Happy Anniversary! (They’re celebrating 5 years!)
What’s new: The bright red paint job!
Easy-peasy: Parking and entry is a breeze. (Enjoy the convenience weekends year-round…

Humble Donkey Studio
Round Top
What to expect: Equal parts art gallery and curated vintage goods shop.
Listen for: The bell ringing when “a donkey gets its wings.”
Pick up: Caps, t-shirts, note cards and other goodies to commemorate your Round Top adventure.
Insider’s tip: Park behind Humble Donkey; permanent restrooms adjacent to the gallery.

Old Glory Texas
Round Top
What to expect: Design influenced by owner Holly Kuhn’s “love of home.”
Don’t miss: Soaking up the ambiance and inspiration in the showroom.
What’s new: Artist Mary Gregory’s work will be offered during the fall show at her pop-up gallery in Old Glory.

Townsend Provisions
Round Top
Don’t miss: The boot room chocked full of over 500 pair of vintage cowboy boots.
Check out: The cozy upstairs filled to the brim with vintage Christmas items.
Equal opportunity outfitter: Quality goods vintage and new.
Insider’s tip: Free parking in front of the shop.

Junk Gypsy World Headquarters
Round Top
What to expect: The unexpected…that’s JG style.
Don’t miss: Junk-O-Rama Prom 10/4 at Zapp Hall and the Front Porch Music Series.
Come on “inn”: The Wander Inn, the sisters’ destination high-style country hotel, is accepting reservations.
On the lawn: Sandwiches and more—with pie from Royers Pie Haven.

Cole’s Antique Show
What to expect: A large contingent of American furniture, glass and collectible dealers.
What’s new: The Cole’s are also opening during the January show.
Don’t miss: Wine tastings in the afternoons—and the concessionaire’s barbecue.

Junk Hippy @ Lone Star Gallery
9/22-9/23 (Preview Shopping) & 9/28-10/6
What to expect: Fab finds at Junk Hippy Road Show, named one of Country Living’s Top 7 Vintage Events.
Tour-worthy: Attend a Glamp Inn Open House, held daily, to explore the nation’s only indoor trailer park.
Insider’s tip: Mimosas out front.

Recycling the Past
What to expect: A curiosity showroom overflowing with inspiration.
Don’t miss: Show location at Excess I OR RTP’s barn on FM 1291.
Check out: Flophouze—Texas’ one and only shipping container hotel.
What’s new: A rad shipping container pool and lounge area for hotel guests.

Antiques on the Square
What to expect: An intimate, country-friendly shopping experience.
Not to miss: Antique Rovers Auction on 9/30 beginning at 6 p.m. with cocktail hour at 5 p.m.
Going, gone: Packing up sale 10/1 from early a.m. until the last vendor leaves mid-afternoon or so.
Don’t forget: Happy hour and late shopping every day in Fayetteville.

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