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Distinguished Transport Difference in Round Top

“Distinguished Transport is a full-service transportation company that specializes in unique goods be it artwork, antiques or architectural elements,” Justin Wells, who owns the 10-year-old company, said. “We provide superlative customer service whether you’re shipping one piece or a truckload.”

Distinguished Transport

2377 South State Highway 237

Round Top, Texas 78954

Phone: 979-249-3473

Central location includes

  • 7,000-square-foot secure warehouse
  • loading docks
  • 17 self-storage units
  • shipping containers and staging areas for volume purchasers who have their own transport


The Distinguished Transport Difference: Service

Distinguished Transport, which is based in Round Top, Texas, not only picks up its customers’ purchases from the venues, but cleans them from field dust, sorts and groups them, protectively packages them for transport, delivers them and installs them in homes, businesses and storage facilities.Distinguished Transport Difference: Personal Attention

“Our clients get complete service start to finish,” Wells said. “For instance, our fee includes installation, which means our customers don’t have hire a contractor or move the items inside themselves, which saves them money, time and hassles. Our customers end up saving money because of our efficiency and expertise.”

The company delivers to every state in the continental United States and can facilitate delivery into Canada, Mexico and overseas.

The Distinguished Transport Difference: Insurance

In addition, Distinguished Transport, as a specialty shipper, offers the peace of mind of full-value insurance.

“Unlike moving companies who use released value protection, our insurance, which is included in our fee, covers the full value of a customer’s merchandise,” Wells said. “We do everything in our power to prevent damage, but if the unexpected happens our clients are protected.”

The Distinguished Transport Difference: Permanence

“We are the only transportation company operating at the Round Top show with a permanent facility on site,” Wells said. “We don’t just handle our clients’ purchases, we keep them safe until delivery.”

The 7,000-square-foot permanent warehouse, located on State Highway 237 between Round Top and Warrenton, has a concrete floor, and the walls are wind-rated for 150 mph. Access is limited to three doors, and there are no exterior windows.

Distinguished Transport Difference in the team
The Distinguished Transport crew readying for the summer edition of Las Vegas Market Discoveries.

During the three-week run of the Round Top Antiques Shows, Wells never leaves the warehouse and is on site to answer any questions customers might have.

“Because of the value of the merchandise and the way the Round Top Antiques Shows are set up, people just feel better being able to talk with somebody,” Wells said. “We’re in this for the long-term, so we value our relationships and our reputation.”

What is the difference between full value insurance protection and released value insurance protection?

Distinguished Transport offers full value insurance protection, which means the company is liable for the replacement value of any lost or damaged goods. Companies that use released value protection offer minimal protection. With released value insurance protection, the transportation company is liable for no more than $ .70/lb. per item. If the company damages an antique end table that weighs 10 pounds but is valued at $10,000, the customer would receive only $7 in compensation. They might have to purchase additional insurance from the shipper at an added cost.

The Distinguished Transport Difference: Procedures

Unlike fly-by-night outfits who operate entirely in the moment, Distinguished Transport has established procedures to ensure customers receive reliable, consistent service.

For instance, each client is provided a three-part contract form with a customer number. The client carries the form, which has spaces to note vendor name and location as well as item descriptions including quantity and condition. Clients are given furniture tags as well so they can note additional information and further identify the pieces.

When the clients are done shopping, they return the paperwork to the Distinguished Transport staff who then use it as the guide for picking up from the fields.

Distinguished Transport will not accept a piece of merchandise without the corresponding paperwork.

“Our paper trail creates accountability in every step of the process,” Wells said. “It gives us a very concrete, objective way to answer questions and resolve issues if they ever arise.”

By implementing procedures, customers can also be assured they are receiving equitable treatment. Distinguished Transport has calculated standard fees and delivery times based on distance and other factors. When a staff member quotes a price and timeframe for delivery to a specific city, customers can be assured that price and timeframe will be the same regardless to whom in the company they speak.

Distinguished Transport Difference At a Glance

  • only permanent shipper in Round Top;
  • full-service including pick up, packing, delivery and installation;
  • full-value insurance;
  • established prices and merchandise tracking procedures;
  • 10-year track record of specialty shipping;
  • warehouse, self-storage units, staging areas for volume shippers;
  • experienced, committed staff;
  • can ship a single piece or a truckload throughout the continental United States;
  • can facilitate delivery to Canada, Mexico and overseas.

Distinguished Transport Reputation and Relationships

Distinguished Transport’s national network has been built on positive word-of-mouth advertising and long-standing relationships over its

10-year history. The team’s ability to deliver merchandise on time and in top condition has earned the company business from high-profile clients who are known to frequent the Round Top Antiques Shows.

The company is also a preferred shipper at the High Point Market in High Point, North Carolina; the Atlanta Gift & Home Furnishings Market in Atlanta, Georgia; and Discoveries at Las Vegas Market Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Marburger Farm Antique Show (two locations at either end of the show)

Paul Michael Company’s Market Hill

The Compound (behind gazebo in center of show)

Editor’s Note: This article was part of a paid promotion in the 2016 Fall Round Top Antiques Show guide and map.

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