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Country Cottage Idea House Drawer Pulls

During last week’s Round Top WinterFest at The Compound, Julie Dodson stopped by to see the work progressing on the Country Cottage Idea House that will open March 24. And she discovered drawer pulls. But first a little background.

Editor’s note: Kathy Johnston continues her on-the-job chronicle of the progress of the Country Cottage Idea House. The project will be unveiled March 24, during the spring Round Top Antiques Show.

Country Cottage Idea House

Fresh off a flight and a few days in the Caymans with friends, her creative wheels were in high gear as we plowed through mounds of gutted drywall littering the space she will be working with. Compound owner/developer Mark Massey pointed out his plan for doorways to be widened, walls that will shortly disappear, old wood to be saved (all in surprisingly good condition) and the elevated height of all the rooms with the drywall gone.

With the ongoing demo well underway it’s becoming easier to see how accommodating this space will be – eventually. It has been opened up considerably since the last visit a week ago. The ceiling will be beautiful, the old wood is in great shape with the lovely patina of many years. Pretty amazing.

There are three basic rooms for Dodson Interiors to design.

The area that once held the bath will be an open kitchenette that Julie is envisioning as a perfect country guesthouse. Amidst the mess, conversation turned to light fixtures and even window treatments, so the more fun stuff is on the not-too-distant horizon. Tiptoeing gingerly through the debris inside, Julie exited back out onto the sagging front porch and stopped abruptly, doing the proverbial double take. I followed the direction of her aha moment, wondering what in the world she was looking at in the junk pile. What had caught her eye was the hardware on a set of old cabinet drawers heaped atop bits and pieces of detritus pegged for the dumpster. Like a kid in a candy store, her excited “oh, I can totally use these!” left me with one thought – “really?”

Drawer Pulls

“Oh yes, I’ll dip them, they’ll be great.”

Country Cottage Idea House Drawer PullsNote to self: a Monday rescue of those drawer pulls that Lewis Tindall’s construction crew had so thoughtlessly mistaken as worthless (few on this project would not have.)

Indeed, Julie’s magic begins with very small swishes of her incredibly creative wand! What’s next? Stay tuned.

If you missed the earlier installments of this series of stories, check them out here.

Interested in buying the cottage for your property? Inquiries:
Frank Johnston, Broker,
Heritage Texas Country Properties

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