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Change is the Only Constant

Although ol’ Heraclitus of Ephesus might have been talking about us and our business when he said, “Change is the only constant,” we did not—as our smart aleck kids asserted—go to school with him. (And in case you’re impressed with our knowledge of ancient philosophers, don’t be. Google, not us, knows everything—but don’t tell our smart aleck kids.Katie & Lorie The Publishers

December 10 is our three-year anniversary of owning the Round Top Register and It’s hard to imagine that it’s been three years, but time flies when you’re having fun—and living on deadlines in a highly caffeinated state. And we’re not sure whether it’s the caffeine or the anniversary, but change is once again in the air around here.

Before we go any further, thank you for coming along for the ride. It’s because of you that we’ve grown and have something new, improved, cool and groovy to announce.

When we began this adventure, we knew three things: We loved fresh black-eyed peas with snaps, laughing and stories. (We also knew that Katie is a better 42 player than I am, but that’s just a side note in case you ever find yourself needing a partner. Choose her.) Over the past three years, we’ve not gotten nearly enough peas, but we have confirmed what we suspected: The Roundtopolis™ is a treasure trove of stories and laughter. There’s so much to see, do, experience and talk about that one magazine can’t hold it all.

As a result, in three years we launched three titles, hence our affair with caffeine. In addition to the Register, we’ve developed Round Top Texas Life & Style and most recently the Round Top Antiques Show Guide.

Sometimes we assume that everyone knows what we’re doing, which is a bold assumption since most of the time we’re not sure what we’re doing ourselves. You may not be familiar with our entire family of magazines, so please let us introduce you to our “babies.” (And yes, they get us up early and keep us up late.) They play where country meets city.

The Register, our first born, is as comfortable as your favorite jeans. In its pages, as you’ve discovered, we introduce you to the people and places that make the Roundtopolis™ magic, and we sprinkle in a healthy dose of practical information about how to live life on the land.

Round Top Texas Life & Style, our middle child, is a city slicker. Well, not really, but it’s a glossier, more traditional magazine that showcases country living with style. If we were talking fashion, Life & Style would be a streamlined black pencil skirt or maybe a little black dress. That’s not to say it’s girly; it’s classic.

The Round Top Antiques Show Guide is our youngest. It started out as a four-page map to help people navigate the largest antiques and vintage shopping extravaganza in the nation. With each succeeding iteration, it has grown because we’ve learned people need—and want—more information. This spring we will launch a full-blown publication dedicated to “what you need to know before the show.”

What it means for us is that we’re going to publish a magazine every other month instead of publishing the Register quarterly and the other two bi-annually. What it means for you is that you’ll have a chance to pick up new reading material at your favorite stand more often because all titles will be distributed throughout the Roundtopolis™ on a rotating basis that begins with Life & Style in January, followed by the show guide and then the Register. The pattern will repeat itself.

It also means that you’ll able to give the gift of life in the Roundtopolis™ to your family and friends who aren’t lucky enough to live here but love it nonetheless. For $30/year, they will get a front row seat for all the fun. You can subscribe at And while you’re there, you (and they) can also sign up for our weekly e-newsletter Round & Around that delivers the best of the area fresh weekly—and generally in less than 400 words.

One of the benefits of our back roads business adventure is the friends we’ve made along the way. We’re grateful. Just grateful.

As 2017 winds down, we’re gearing up for a new year that’s bigger, bolder and even better. Please know that as 2018 dawns Katie and I are raising a toast to you and yours with heartfelt wishes for peace, joy—and a pickup load of happiness.

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