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New in Round Top in 2020

There are a few new business things happening in the Round Top area. Here’s a rundown of what is new in Round Top in 2020: Bybee Square will soon become Hotel Lulu, a boutique hotel with 13 rooms that will go in renovated, former retail…

Round Top Q&A 2020

The Round Top Q&A 2020 version has a few twists and turns. If you want to read what others asked in the past, check out this page. When are y'all going to open? I assume the question is about the next antiques show (and not about…

Round Top Social Media Tips for 2020

Round Top shop owners and antiques show vendors offer a diverse array of goods and products that are inherently beautiful and interesting and destined for social media.  Many small businesses are using this unique time to enhance…

JW’s Restaurant in Carmine

Everything about JW’s, from the rustic wood walls and casual décor to the friendly service (and the legendary homemade onion rings), invites people to “come as you are.” And they do.