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JW’s Restaurant in Carmine

Everything about JW’s, from the rustic wood walls and casual décor to the friendly service (and the legendary homemade onion rings), invites people to “come as you are.” And they do.

Pop a Top Bottle Shop Round Top

Shoppers who enjoy fine wine, craft beer and superlative spirits will flip their lids for Pop A Top Bottle Shop Too located on Henkel Square in Round Top. “People come to Round Top for one-of-a-kind finds and experiences,” said Tiffany

Round Top’s The Venue

Exciting change is in the air at Round Top's The Venue, as veteran antiques entrepreneur Wesley Beard brings his vision for the 40-plus acre site, located just north of Round Top, to life. “Fall 2019 marks the second time, I’ve gotten

Christina Mitchell at Abejas Round Top

Q&A with Christina Mitchell at Abejas Round Top When will you open? We will have a soft opening Sept. 1 and will have a grand opening party on Oct. 1, the same day as Marburger Farm Antiques Show’s opening date.