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Party Planning with a Hurricane

Cedarhill Farmhouse With our wedding just days away, a hurricane was headed straight for us. It was due to arrive on Thursday, just in time to wreak havoc on our Saturday wedding. I stared at the TV, willing the storm to

Sally Maxwell: Starting from Scratch

Harnessing her passion for art and nature, Sally Maxwell of La Grange elevated scratchboard, a 19th century black-and-white graphic design medium to fine art. “It became my life’s goal to add color to scratchboard and raise it to an art

Spousework at the Humble Donkey Studio

John and Laurie Lowery, the husband and wife team who co-own Humble Donkey Studio in Round Top, never intended to work together. “Of the two of us, I’m the artist—and I had always wanted a gallery,” said John, who also founded and owns

The Barn Identity: The Barndo Effect

In early America, barns marked the march of civilization across the new nation. “Barns were the center of the pioneers’ daily lives,” said Mark Bowe, who owns Barnwood Builders with locations in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia and

The Barn Identity: A Party Barn

There were ulterior motives when a Washington County couple decided to build a barn on their ranch. “We wanted our four children to want to come home,” the wife says. “So far, none of them have missed a Spring Break yet.” The

Lazy Q Ranch

Tucked between FM 153 and the Colorado River, the Lazy Q Ranch is a picturesque setting with pine trees mixed with oaks, cedars, elevation changes, big skies, and the expected Fayette County flora and fauna. Unseen from the main road,…

Kooper Family Whiskey Company

Troy and Michelle Kooper, owners of the Kooper Family Whiskey Company in Ledbetter, found the meaning of life in a whiskey barrel. “We found something we wanted to do—and did it at all costs,” said Troy, whose career in…

Stirring the Pot

Introduction: Johnny Kopycinski, who owns Chappell Hill Bakery & Deli & BBQ with his wife Carolyn, is a man on the move. In addition to the restaurant, the family ranches under the banner of Oak Creek Farms. The best time to…