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Acadian Roofing in the Round Top Area

Most people don’t spend much time thinking about their home’s roof until it is storm-damaged or needs replacing after years of hot Texas sun exposure. Acadian Roofing, LLC, established in 2013, not only serves residential home owners and custom home builders in the Houston area, but the company also has a presence in the Round Top area.Acadian Roofing in Round Top

“We strive to provide a high level of customer service, professionalism and honesty,” says owner Young Nelson, who along with his wife, has property in LaGrange and spends almost every weekend in the area.

Early in his career, Nelson discovered potential customers responded well to a professional, trustworthy and technical explanation of the various roofing and water proofing options that are available.

“Many older houses in Central Texas have been roofed in what is referred to as agricultural panel,” explains Nelson. “They include the 5V, ‘U’ and ‘PBR’ panels, which are mechanically attached using screws. While these panels are still made today and have many practical purposes, the screw heads become clearly visible as you approach the structure. Over time, the screw heads’ rubber washer will deteriorate, creating leaks.”

Acadian Roofing Round Top trailer rollNelson says the advancement of portable roll forming equipment it is now possible to install a 24-gauge, true standing, seam, metal roof, with hidden fasteners, at a reduced cost, that will last a lifetime without the need to monitor and replace the screws every few years.

“One of the best panels to install is our Snap Lock 1500, made on our portable trailer mounted roll former machine. It installs 40% quicker and reduces the possibility of imperfections caused by the seamer on older panel profiles,” says Nelson. “All panel lengths are precisely cut on location with a computerized measuring device eliminating the cost for transportation, crating and panel storage.”

It also minimizes the possibility of construction site theft.

The panel is Texas Department of Insurance approved for Zones 1 and 2 and Seaward building areas, which require roofing systems to handle up to a 130 mph wind speeds during tropical storm and hurricane conditions.

Acadian Roofing also serves new home construction.

“Most new residential home designs have a variety of textures, which typiAcadian Roofing Round Top re-roofcally require the combination of different roofing systems,” says Nelson. “For example, many slate or tile roofs include a standing seam roof element that needs to be integrated into the exterior features, so it all works together and lasts a lifetime with minimal maintenance. We understand these issues, and continually work to utilize the latest high-quality materials to successfully install some of the most desired roof systems in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner.”

For more information, call 713-463-7663 or visit

This is a sponsored post with Acadian Roofing LLC.


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